Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

Misslyn 646 "Las Vegas" Swatch

A while ago, when we had the first warm and sunny days here in Germany, I decided to swatch a few of my newly bought polishes. This is something I rarely do, so I have a lot of untrieds... Since then my pictures have been sitting on my computer, waiting to be posted. Well, today I want to put one of those polishes out of its misery.

I guess Misslyn is one of those German brands that are not that well known, even among Germans. One reason probably being the fact that you cannot buy the brand in drugstores like essence, essie and so on, but in department stores. Another might be that they are more pricey than our usual drugstore brands. Misslyn polishes are about 5€ (~6$) for a bottle of 10ml. I remember the brand being around for a long time. I used to have some of their stuff when I was getting into polish when I was about 10 years old... which was 16 years ago. They have a solid range of colors as well as a regular release of limited edition polishes.

So the polish I want to show you today is from their current core range. It has the number 646, but the bottle's label as well as their website also reveal a name: Las Vegas.

I would describe Las Vegas as a purple with loads of golden flecks as well as multicolored microglitter. The purple base is a little sheer, so the flecks and the glitter show up really well. I used two coats for my pictures.

indirect sunlight

I don't own the polishes, but from swatches I have seen, I would say that Las Vegas belongs in the same family as Orly Oui or its dupes. It's not cheaper than any of those though unless you can find it on sale somewhere.

The last two pictures were taken under my desklamp to show you the microglitter. It's not very strong, but is there. From the polish name I would have expected the microglitter to be a little bit more prominent, but I still like the polish a lot.

The formula could be better though. The polish being sheer is fine with me as I usually apply two coats anyway and I think the flecks benefit from the sheerness. What is not fine with me is the time this polish needs to dry. Okay, I didn't use a fast-drying  topcoat, because I would remove it for another swatch right after I took pictures, but I managed to smudge is very badly on my way back to my desk... hence the three finger-pictures. It dries pretty shiny though. I like that.

Misslyn polishes can be bought at department stores such as Kaufhof or Karstadt, but since a little while ago, you can also order them from

What do you think? Any opinions about similarities by someone who owns Orly Oui maybe?

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