Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012

Green + Gold + Rhinestones = Glamourous?

Yay, I'm back! Finally! I don't know how many things went wrong in the past 4 weeks, but it sure did prevent me from posting. After my last post, I thought things would get better as our baby bunnies are now eating all by themselves. But right after I started doing my nails properly again, my computer decided to collapse. I guess I really need a new one soon. Oh well.

Anyway, I was very busy doing my nails, taking pictures and such, so I hope I'll manage to post a lot in the next few days. Today's mani is actually my current manicure. I'm going to enter a little contest with this one that actually ends tonight, so I have to post it first. (edit: I would be more than happy if you took the time to vote for me~ In the top right corner you can find the poll!)

As every so often, my inspiration was a Japanese nail artist. I love her work even though I can't reproduce a lot of it. Today's mani is a variation of a watercolor mani she has done. Instead of the watercolor effect, I chose to sponge myself a gem-like base using green polishes. I really love sponging... it's so easy and the effect is just awesome. Also, it dries quickly... and I could move on with my gold framing right after I finished sponging. Well, my framing doesn't look as delicate as I wanted it too, but it's not too bad. I definitely need a new detail brush. On the gold, I added some gold glitter as well as a variation of green and yellow rhinestones. I actually hoped they would get cloudy once coated with topcoat, but this time they failed me!

Here's what I used:

Pinky & pointer:
  • OPI Bubble Bath
  • revell email color 94 
Ring, middle & thumb:
  • Catrice Sold Out Forever,  
  • Catrice Virgin Forest
  • essence Colourbration
  • China Glaze Zombie Zest,  
  • China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald
  • Rival de Loop spring melody and 
  • Kiko 268.

I'm not happy with my pictures. Usually it's purple's that my camera doesn't want to photograph properly. This time it was green's. The green is much more vibrant in reality. It's close to the green of the large rhinestones, but sadly, it looks a bit washed out in my pictures.

The revell color doesn't last very long, I have to admit. It works great for stamping and it's really opaque, but you can tell that it is not meant for polishing your nails. On the other hand, I'm really happy that my rhinestones are staying where I put them. On my third day of wear I have lost my first and since then, nothing! Yay.

So what do you think? Is my equation appropriate?


  1. Das Design vom Zeigefinger und dem kleinen Finger gefällt mir gut und das Grün vom Rest auch.
    Das mit dem Gold darüber ist nicht so mein Fall, aber ist ja immer Geschmackssache :P.

    Liebe Grüße, Jenny

    1. Ich finde persönlich ja immer noch, dass mir Gold auch gar nicht so gut steht, aber zu dem Grün erschien es mir harmonischer als Silber xD

    2. Ja das stimmt, zu Grün passt es gut, aber ich bin auch generell kein Fan von Glod :D

  2. vielen dank für deine teilnahme, ich freu mich riesig darüber! das design gefällt mir wahnsinnig gut, sobald meine nägel wieder genug lang sind muss ich unbedingt auch mal so ein goldenes french ausprobieren. sieht richtig schick aus!

    danke <3


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