Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012

Pastel Check

Hi everyone!

With this post, I'd like to show you some incredibly simple yet eyecatching nail art. I stumbled upon the idea on a >Korean blog< I'm following. The idea is creating a checkered pattern by layering sheer polishes. The original post uses an actual nail art kit including three sheer polishes in pink, blue and yellow and I decided to go through my stash and look for similar colors.

I decided to use
- essie French Affair (pink)
- Rival de Loop 481l (yellow)
- BeYu 142 (blue)

My polishes are far from being as sheer as the Korean ones, but they're sheer enough and worked quite well.

So what you have to do for this mani is really simple. You just apply stripes of each color next to each other until you reach your desired grade of opacity. You don't have to be very accurate painting those stripes. When that's dry, you take the same colors again and paint one more layer of stripes in a 90 degrees angle. Layering the sheer polishes over another creates new colors such as orange or green. Just like the original post, I took a white striper and added some lines. Mine turned out a bit thick though. One thick layer of essence BTGN Top Sealer sealed off my mani and made my white stripes even thicker. But also very shiny~

I got quite a lot of comments on this one and when I explained how easy it was, they wouldn't believe it. But it really was easy. The most annoying thing about this mani was the clean-up, because I didn't paint very neatly. This mani was quickly done, fun to do and the result is great. Nice idea! I like it!

I think this could look very nice with other sheer polishes too, layered over white or something. Maybe that's a way I can use my sheer nudes. Or a sheer white, sheer blue, sheer green for some wintery nails. I might have to try that soon...

What do you think about this idea?


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