Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

Kiko - 352 layered over NYX - Algae

Hi everyone.

Today, I have a couple of a gorgeous pictures of one of my first Kiko polishes for you. I'm talking about Kiko 352, also known as Emerald Nebula. It was part of last year's winter collection called Light Impulse. The polishes all have "hologram nail lacquer" written on their bottle, but that was very misleading... there's nothing holo about them. They're gorgeous still! Instead of a holographic effect, there's a light hidden duochrome effect.

Since Emerald Nebula is rather sheer, I layered it over another matching polish. I chose NYX Algae for this task. It had been in my untried stash ever since I bought it, but it's perfect underwear for Emerald Nebula.

This is one coat of Emerald Nebula over two coats of NYX Algae. Emerald Nebula is a tiny bit goopy, but applies just like my other Kiko polishes: easy! It levels nicely and drying time is good.

The emerald green almost has some magical sheen to it... But it's the tiny golden flakes that make the polish so special. I just love the combination of teal and gold. No wonder I bought it, despite the (high) price. (5€ for one polish was still a lot for me a year ago... haha)

Looking at the whole combination... someone please tell me, why I didn't wear any of those polishes until September!? I should probably go on a no-buy for while...

Lastly, a couple of pictures of NYX Algae on its own.

I played a bit with different topcoats here. On my pointer it's with essence BTGN Top Sealer and my on my ringfinger with essie Matte about you. Both topcoats kind of change the base color, don't they? I think I like it best without any. Something that won't happen...

Thanks for looking!
Until next time!


  1. That's a very interesting layering - Algae on it's own is gorgeous too!

  2. Ich mag dieses türkis-blau-grün-wasweißich irgendwie.

    & Danke für deinen Kommi :)

    Mein Blog - besuch mich doch mal in meiner Phantasiewelt!

  3. wie hübsch der Lack ist.
    sieht richtig klasse aus :)

  4. Hey du,

    wuuundervooller Blog :)
    Schau doch mal bei mir vorbei ich bin neu ♥!
    Liebste Grüße Mimi :)
    Ps: Ich nehme geeerne Vorschläge und Kommentare entgegen (:

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    Beautiful nails!!

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  6. Die erste Farbe ist toll! Erinnert mich an eine Meerjungfrau =)

    Würde mich freuen, wenn du auch bei mir vorbeischaust!

    Liebe Grüße,

    ♥ Mein Blog ♥

  7. Wunderschöne Farben, und sehr schön lackiert!

    Liebe Grüße


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