Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012

H&M - Peppermint Fusion (Comparison)

Hi everyone!

Since I need to work on my nail art pictures first, I have yet another swatch post today. It's about a H&M polish I grabbed last week, when I went to my local H&M store. I had my eyes on Peppermint Fusion for a while, but only when I saw some swatches a few weeks back, I decided that I would get it. It falls into the special category of blurple shades that I'm drawn too... I'm still looking for my perfect cornflower blue, but I guess I won't know until next summer which of my newest additions comes closest.

Well, I was lucky and this particular polish was 50% off making it easier to justify getting yet another shade like this... But when I was on my way back to work, I suddenly had this feeling that I might have a polish almost identical to Peppermint Fusion... and I also had this feeling that it is in my untried stash... I was right about the latter...

The polish that came to my mind is essence Forget-Me-Not from the Blossoms etc LE from 2011. I'm really glad that it's different enough from Peppermint Fusion. Compared to Forget-Me-Not, Peppermint Fusion is a tad darker and the blue shimmer the two have in common is a lot stronger.

Since the shimmer is stronger in Peppermint Fusion it looks more interesting to me. Application was similar for both. Both applied easily, but drying time could have been a tad better. I used two coats for H&M and three for essence. I like the essence brush a lot better though. I don't like the rectangular caps. (I'm glad you can take them off of Butter London polishes!)

If you compare them in the bottle, they almost look identical. On the last picture you can see the shimmer in Peppermint Fusion quite well, even though the lighting is horrible.

I think I'm going to do a comparison of all my almost cornflower blue polishes. That would be interesting to do for me and maybe interesting to see for some of you too.

Anyway, thanks for reading this time too! How do you like Peppermint Fusion?


  1. I'm lucky to have the Essence - both are gorgeous - just my kind of color!!

  2. I will have to look for the H&M one next time I am there! It is very pretty!

  3. I have them both, and I equally love them :) But I never realised they are so similar, hmm..

  4. Nice post dear :)

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