Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012

Let it Snow! Challenge 3: Ugly Christmas Sweater

Hi everyone!

Today, I thought I'd finally post my third manicure for the Let It Snow Challenge. It was supposed to be inspired by some ugly Christmas sweater. Honestly, I had to google this. All the designs that came to my mind were bordering on nordic prints and I ended up doing one that came close.

The flowers are supposed to be poinsettias with some leaves, but they look kind of random. The white French turned out way too thick. It actually started crackling away after a couple of hours. What is it with white polishes that this happens so often... The X's are supposed to represent the huge sweater stitches that I associate with this kind of sweater. When I was done, I thought that something was missing, so I added the little hearts for some extra tackiness.

It's interesting how different the polishes look depending on the bottle of polish/not holding polish. My camera sure picks up colors oddly...

For this mani, I layered the blue jelly polish essence Cool and the Gang over essence Stairway to Heaven, because I didn't have the right kind of blurple in my stash. On the upper third I applied p2 grey denim and lined the top with white polish. Using essence berry me home, models own Slate Green and Jade Stone, I painted the poinsettias and the leaves. The yellow dot is Rival de Loop 481. After adding the stitches with white polish, I also added the red hearts using the red essence polish again. Topped with essence BTGN Top Sealer... and done.

Thanks for looking! Please take a look at the other members' sweater manis!


  1. I loooove it! The little cross stitches are a great touch!!

  2. Great job!! Ugly sweater nails are totally not ugly!

  3. That's the prettiest ugly sweater nails - really beautiful!

  4. Realy pretty <3 I like the non-matted look the best :)

  5. Nothin' ugly about these, really lovely job lady!

  6. woooow, tolle mani, die hätte ich bestimmt nicht so hinbekommen :D aber diese muster sind ja im moment total in :)
    finds richtig cool!


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