Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012

p2 - turquoise galaxy (Swatch)

Hi everyone!

My plan to reduce my pile of swatch pictures sure backfired. Nevertheless, I'd like to show a couple of pictures of p2 turquoise galaxy from the recent Fly me to the Moon LE. At least in my city, it is still available. From the promo pictures, I wasn't very interested in this LE. Seeing it in the drugstore, I ended up getting two of the four polishes. One is turquoise galaxy.

Turquoise galaxy is a greenish teal shimmer bordering on a metallic finish. Depending on the light, it looks more or less green. My lightbox pictures show its blue side, the sunlight pictures the green side. It applied well and drying time was okay too. It definitely needs at least two coats to be opaque. If you're not careful, it could be a little streaky, but that's manageable.

I find this color very fitting for the theme. It screams sci-fi to me somehow. That's also how I ended up layering another polish on top. The day I bought this polish, my order from transdesign finally arrived at my doorstep. It included a couple of the Color Club Halo Hues. Before applying turquoise galaxy, I had played around a little with those holos. They sure are gorgeous, but the base color could have been a tad stronger in my opinion. When I had turquoise galaxy on, I decided to layer Color Club Angel Kiss on top, to see if that changes anything.

If you've tried the Halo Hues polishes, you know that they're quite opaque in just one coat. But I actually think that some underwear really does deepen the overall look a bit. While the holo rainbow is strong in the Halo Hues, the polishes look a little flat when applied. I think that turquoise galaxy underneath took away some of that impression.

I'm really glad I got me three of the Halo Hues. I can't wait to see the new China Glaze Holo collection. <3

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Turquoise Galaxy ist ein Traum - ich finde die Farbe sooo toll! Sowohl auf der Flasche als auch in den Nägeln. Aber ich hab mir den Lack trotzdem nicht gekauft, denn ich trage so eine Farbe einfach nicht. Hmpf. Ich sollte irgendwas damit anmalen *gg*
    Angel Kiss ist auch grandios. Aber da hab ich das gleiche Problem ... na ja, spart Geld und Platz :D

    1. Ich hab das auch mit bestimmten Farben. Ich trage ja kaum Rot, aber ich finde viele Rottöne sooo toll. Nur tragen würde ich sie nicht. Hast aber auf jedenfall recht: nicht kaufen spart Platz und Geld. Daran sollte ich öfter denken :P

  2. I bought this when I went to Germany in November - it's gorgeous - and that layering is pure genius, thanks for that idea!


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