Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012

Spring Challenge 14: Retro Roses

Hi everyone~

Today I want to show you my last design for the Spring Challenge! The *final* one! Yay~

Well, this one was probably the easiest design. Not because it was easy to paint, but because I knew what I wanted to do for weeks. I saw these retro designs in nail magazines this spring and really wanted to do one. So why not do one for the freestyle design No. 14!?

I started out with Kiko 389 Mint Milk as my base color. Mint Milk is a gorgeous light turquoise creme and I understand very well why so many other polish enthusiasts love this polish. It's opaque in two coats and applies like a dream. It also dries to a very glossy finish.

When my base was dry, I painted the white stripes using an essence tip painter. I had almost forgotten about my tip painters... they are actually quite handy at times, haha. Afterwards, I picked another Kiko polish, 377 Apple Blossom. It's a dusty rose creme that appears to be a bit more sheer than Mint Milk. I haven't worn it solo yet. I just dabbed it onto my nails randomly. Next, I picked the only elf polish in my collection, unnamed it is, but a nice darkened pink that looked great with Apple Blossom. I used this one and a dotting tool to paint the roses. It's just half moon shapes going from the center of the blossom to the outside.

Lastly, for the leaves I used essence A Hint of Mint (lots of Mint going on...) and OPI Jade is the new Black. Using the very same dotting tool, I added little triangles where I wanted my leaves. One coat of essence BTGN Top Sealer to make it all glossy and it was done.

I finished the design about half an hour before I went to work and took my pictures when I came back. That's why there is a bit of tipwear. I loved this design and wore it for a week straight! I only took it off, because my left hand nails decided to break. I'm still very sad about that. I just did my nails again and there's so little space to paint on! I guess I have to change my plans for the Summer Challenge a bit. Oh well.

That's it for the Spring Challenge! I was doing this about 6 weeks longer than I had anticipated, but I'm glad I pulled through. I didn't want to give up, hehe. I'm planning on continuing with the Summer challenge created by the lovely ladies that did the Spring Challenge with me. There are some great themes to do!

What do you think of my final Spring design? Have you used any of these Kiko polishes?


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