Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

essence - ready for boarding base coat (review)

Hi everyone~

Today, I want to review a base coat by essence, released a little while ago with their ready for boarding limited edition. But not the base coat itself, but rather how it works with holographic polishes. I got this idea while chatting with Chiro from Nail of this Week maybe 3 weeks back, when she was playing with this base coat. I had already bought it myself back then, but didn't have the chance to try it yet.

Well, for my last manicure, the flip flop one, I decided to give it a shot. The manicure is based on the different base coats I used to compare the ready for boarding base coat with others. So why try it with holographic polishes in the first place? It dries to a slightly milky finish and appears to supply a lot of grip to the polishes you put on top. I think this is necessary, because this base coat is supposed to be a peel-off base coat.

For this review, besides the ready for boarding peel-off base coat, I also used essence studio nails 24/7 nail base, Microcell 2000 and Color Club stuck on you base coat. The latter being a random one from my stash. I don't really use it, but it's one of the clear base coats, different from the rest. I usually use the essence studio nails 24/7 nail base. I dries to a matte finish and dragging seemed to be less of a problem with it. I thought about trying it with a holo, because of that.

So first, what is this ready for boarding peel off base coat? It's a water based base coat that allows you to peel off any lacquer without the use of nail polish remover. It's suggested to be a top travel accessoire. In the picture above, you can see how it dries from white to somewhat milky transparent. It takes a while, maybe 15 minutes and as you can see from the picture, it shrinks. It actually already started shrinking while I was still applying... But well, you couldn't tell anymore, once the actual polish was on top.

I used Make Up Store Greta to test the four base coats for their "aqua base" qualities. This one proved to be a really difficult polish, when I tried it before. I had a lot of bald spots, dragging issues... the usual.

For the first two pictures, I used one coat of Greta on top of one coat of the respective base coat.

Pointer: Microcell 2000. Middle: essence studio nails 24/7 nail base. Ring: essence ready for boarding base coat. Pinky: Color Club stuck on you base coat.

So what can we tell after just one coat?  On my pointer, I have a few slight bald spots. My middle finger shows a little bit of dragging, but it's mostly fine. Greta applied almost flawless on my ring finger and there's major balding on my pinky. Even though Greta applied smoothly on top of the studio nails base coat, there's something very noticeable though: the holo effect seems to be almost gone. I had really high hopes for the studio nails base... boo.

Next is two coats of Greta.

Except for my pinky, coverage is almost the same for all of them. I still find the holographic effect on my middle finger a bit less pronounced, but it doesn't show as much anymore. On my ring finger, the holo looks to be "deeper", but since there was no balding or dragging anyway, this one gave me the least trouble. On my pinky, it required three coats to cover up all the balding from the first coat.

After this test, when I did my flip flop manicure, I did another test. I wanted to know how top coating this combo affects the peel off effect. And I was quite surprised just how much it changed the outcome! The pictures you saw above are from my left hand. I topcoated this one. On my right hand, I applied the whole manicure using the ready for boarding base coat and did not apply any top coat.

This is the mani after two days of wear, shortly before I removed it. So major tip wear was to be expected, but what surprised me are those holes and scratches in the middle of the nail. Apparently, the peel off effect means that if there's friction on top of the nail, it's starting to peel off, leaving you with those holes. This did not happen on my left hand where I had used a top coat. On the other hand, by topcoating it, the peel off effect gets lost. It was a lot harder to take it off, compared to less than 5 minutes for the right hand.

My verdict... I think I'll be using the reading for boarding base coat for my holos from now on. At least, for short time wear. Everything was surprisingly easy to take off on my right hand and left my nails without residue.

Have you tried this base coat? What is your opinion?


  1. I am way too lazy to use base coats but I think if I get a holo ever this information will come in very handy. Thank you =)

  2. Very interesting post! I don't think peel off polish would be good for me because I am a polish picker! I would have that sucker off in minutes! :)


    hab dich für den Beautystaffellauf nominiert.


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