Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

The Lazy Days of Summer 1: Beach Themed

Hi there~

I decided that I'm going to do a summer challenge. And because I liked the open timeframe from my last challenge, I decided on the so-called Lazy Days of Summer challenge, actually created my the same ladies that created the Spring Challenge. I just hope I'll be able to complete it faster than the Spring Challenge, hehe.

Here's a chart of the different themes I'll be working on in the next few weeks.

Well, today I want to show you my first mani for this challenge, supposedly be beach themed. I'm not a hundred percent happy with it. Mostly because I had this idea, but I just wouldn't work out on my nubbins anymore. I downgraded it a lot, placing only one real shell on my nails. Maybe I'll try again, when my nails are back to "normal".

When I think of the beach, I think of shells. I used to collect bags full of all kinds of shells with my sisters when we were kids. I wonder if they are still around at home... So that's basically where my idea came from.

My base for this mani is a franken I made from clear polish, a white polish with subtle shimmer and some of my Zoeva eyeshadow pigments. I'm not doing a lot of extensive eye make-ups lately, so I put them to better use that way. On top of two coats of that unnamed franken, I dabbed a blue holographic polish I won in a giveaway last year. It's by a Japanese company and apparently discontinued.

Next, I took out the crushed shells I bought a few weeks ago. I had bought blue and natural ones. I placed the blue shells on top of the holo and a few natural colored ones near the bottom. Next, I applied a generous coat of essence BTGN Top Sealer to "glue" all of that together and added a few rhinestones and half pears while it was still wet.

On my thumb, I also added a mini shell. It was really pointy and I removed it before going to work. I think it would have been too dangerous, hehe. I had planned to use more of them and bigger half pearls too, but it looked really awkward on my tiny nails. I think it's still too big on my thumb...

And because I actually wanted to capture my franken on its own...

What do you think?

And I'm sooo getting myself a lightbox...

Please take a look at what the other wonderful ladies have been doing so far:


  1. This is awesome! I love that you put a shell on your nail! :)

    1. It was probably the biggest thing I ever put on my nails. And the most dangerous too, hehe.

  2. Wow, this looks so cool! I love the new background too! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm surprised somebody noticed that I changed my background. Not all happy with it, but I needed something brighter fast xD

  3. Hey, sorry to have to post this here but I've tried emailing and sending a pm on Facebook (check your other folder) and I didn't want you to not get your prize from my giveaway. Please email me at with your choice of A-England polish and your shipping information and I'll get your prize shipped out right away. You can delete this comment if you want :)

  4. Schöne Idee und dein neues Design ist ja süß :D.

    1. Bitte bitte ;).

      Ich find den Lack auch echt klasse und wenn ich bedenke wie klein er ist, ärgere ich mich echt nicht noch ein Back Up mitgenommen zu haben :D.
      Hoffe ich finde ihn vielleicht noch, habe ihn Anfang Juni gekauft..

      Der Lack den du beschreibst hab ich mir auch angeschaut, der erinnert mich so an die USA und die UK, mit seinen Farben :D.
      Den Blau/ Lila Lack habe ich auch noch im Blick, den hat eine Freundin sich geholt, mal sehen wann sie Fotos postet.
      Auf jeden Fall habe ich mich noch in den türkisen Glitzerlack verliebt den sie dort haben.
      Der muss auf jeden Fall noch besorgt werden :D.


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