Samstag, 14. Juli 2012

essence - Oh My Glitter!

Hi everyone,

this week, while I was killing some time until I met one of my former flatmates, I spotted the new essence color&go nail polish range. I was both delighted and displeased by this. Delighted, of course, because it's always great to see new polishes... displeased, because this meant that I had missed the clearance sale. Boo.

Anyway, I got myself two of the new polishes. One of them, I wore the next day and I want to show you a few swatches. This new shade is called Oh My Glitter!. It's a pretty purple, quite bright, infused with tiny pink and blue flecks. In the store the pink looked rather orange to me and it still did in certain lighting, but it really is pink. No way I could have stopped myself from buying this one. It's purple and has flecks after all.

Oh My Glitter! is a little sheer, so I'm wearing three thin coats here. Maybe I was a little bit too quick with my application, but with the first two coats I had some dragging issues that smoothed out with the third.

Drying time itself was not bad. I have to compare, but it might be a little faster than the previous formula. I took my pictures right after painting my nails too catch the last rays of sunlight for the day. I often manage to smudge my pinky while taking pictures, but when I went outside it was apparently dry enough for this not to happen this time.

I tried to catch the pink shimmer, but it is hard with my camera. The macro is just not the best. The blue is impossible to photograph, I believe, it's even hard to see with bare eyes. But it is there and gives some depth to the polish.

As always, the caps are supposed to show you how the polish looks like. On the first picture you can see the pink shimmer on the cap and that's how the polish actually looks like. It's no unique shade, but a pretty one.

With the new range of nail polishes, essence also introduced a new bottle shape. Each bottle now contains 8ml instead of the former 5ml. I'm not sure I like this new shape... I found it a bit difficult to hold while taking pictures, but I might get used to that. The bottle is kind of cute though.

There's one more novelty regarding the new range - a new brush. I never thought the old one was bad, but it sure was different than all the wide brushes that we recently see. essence decided they need a new brush too, so here it is.

It's actually two small brushes positioned close together to form their new professional brush. It does capture more polish than the old one, but it is much bigger, so that's to be expected. I can finish one coat on most of my nails with two brush strokes, but I think that you easily get too much polish on the brush. If that happens you do even more strokes to get it off. Not so great. But I had the same problem with the new Catrice brushes and quickly got a hang of how to deal with it.

All in all, the new range is nice, but there are not as many new shades that wowed me as last time. It's bright and colorful, loads of polishes that seem perfect for summer - if there was summer here. I'm a bit confused whether this is their fall/winter range or not. For my taste, it is way to bright to be such. We will see. Maybe there will be so many LE's or TE's this fall/winter that you won't even notice the core range to be too colorful!? No idea.

What do you think? Have you tried some of the new polishes by chance? Do you like the new bottle shape?


  1. sehr schöne Farbe :)

  2. wooow sehr schöne Farbe.
    Leider habe ich die neuen Essence Nagellacke in der Schweiz noch nicht gefunden.. :(

    1. Ich war selbst etwas irritiert, dass sie schon im Verkauf sind, da es ja hieß ab August... naja. Vielleicht hält man sich in der Schweiz ja daran.

  3. Huhu! Bei uns war kein Ausverkauf, auch keine rabatierten Artikel...einfach alle weg u. neue wieder da...konnt mir nicht mal nen Backup von "Choose me" grapschen...einfach alle futsch :( *nörgel* ich bin wirklich auf die anderen Lacke gespannt...

    1. Ich habe noch Reste in einem Rossmann gefunden, die tatsächlich einen Ausverkauf hatten. Mal sehen, wie Kaufhof vorgeht... :(

  4. This is stunning!!! :D I really want some of this line! :D

    1. They have some really pretty stuff, but I feel that the awesome shades they used to have in their core line, are now reserved for their very many limited editions... :(

  5. Antworten
    1. I wish I had a lightbox. Maybe i could have captured the flakes a lot better... :D But glad you like it!


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