Montag, 9. Juli 2012

essence - forget-me-not plus glitter

Hi everyone!

Remember when I wrote that my router died and I didn't have any access to the internet? That's when I was going through my pictures and worked on a few of my oldies to finally publish them. Today, I want to show you one of those manicures... basically from the vault, because I don't even remember when I did this manicure. March, maybe?

Anyway, I remember that I picked a polish from my growing stash of untrieds: essence forget-me-not from last year's spring collection. At first I wasn't very fond of the collection, except for the yellow (love it!), but I ended up getting the whole collection later on. Around Christmas I also bought a lot of glitters that were just as "untried". So here's a combination of forget-me-not with an iridiscent glitter.

The glitter is basically white but depending on the light it looks lilac or teal. I though why not try it over a purple polish. The pictures actually don't do it any justice. It looked awesome, though I have to practice the application of loose glitters like that. My pinky got a bit overloaded, hehe.

I remember that this mani made me think of mermaids a lot. Probably because the glitters looked like fish scales. I need to see if these glitters are melting in polish or not. They might be nice to franken.

And one more... a somewhat unfocused close-up, just because it looked so sparkly.

That's it for today~


  1. Hi. I am one of your new followers, I love your blog, you have beautifully shaped nails. We share the same passion for nail art, if you like you could look up for my blog. Have a lovely day!

  2. Werd ich ;).

    Der Glitter ist ja wirklich hübsch und du hast Recht, hat mich auch an Meerjungfrauen erinnert, weil es etwas schuppig aussieht :D.
    Echt klasse, gefällt mir sehr gut :).

    Liebe Grüße, Jenny

  3. Wow das Design gefällt mir *.*
    Ist das abmachen aber nicht immer total nervig? :D

    1. Danke! Es ist in der Tat nicht ganz einfach, aber mit der Alufolien-Methode nicht mehr viel umständlicher also normaler Lack :D

  4. Before I read "mermaid" I totally thought "fireflies" -- either/or, these are STUNNING!


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