Freitag, 31. Januar 2014

TNCC - Inspired by a Tutorial #1 - Butterfly Nails

Hi everyone,

today, I want to show you my very first butterfly nails! There was a time when a lot of people would do them all the time in the blogosphere. Even some stamping plates with the image turned up! I always found them really pretty, but same as the Galaxy Nails, something kept me from trying them. So when the prompt for January was released, this was one of my first ideas.

I don't have a link to a specific tutorial, but I think we have seen them often enough and there are a couple of tutorials floating around, so if you wanted to try, you can easily find them using a search engine. They're fairly easy to do even without the stamp.

Materials used:
- Zoya Crystal
- Nubar 2010
- Color Club Sparkle and Soar
- black acrylic paint

I used black acrylic paint for the wing shapes, but I originally wanted to use my black striper polish. I couldn't find it due to my stash reorganization I did after Christmas. I think the black polish would have been easier. More opaque, less tipwear after a day at work. Because even topcoat can't help a lot with that.

The color combination I chose was nothing original. I didn't save the pic back then, but 2012(?) someone else chose a blue base with a flakie topper to do butterfly nails and I found it so pretty, it burned into my mind ;) I kept looking at my nails all day...

But something magical is gone now... hm.

What do you think?
And one more question to those who read: I actually did most of my TNCC manicures for the fall themes but didn't post them. Would you find it weird for me to post Halloween inspired nail art now!? ^^;


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