Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

TNCC - Inspired by Art - #4


Today, I have my final art inspired manicure to show you.

This one is a bit different from the other manis I've done so far. Instead of an actual painting, I used a doodle I saved to my inspiration folder quite some time ago. It's a doodle by Laynie from LaynieFingers. She's suffering from fibromyalgia, a disease characterized by chronic pain in the muscles and connected tissue. Back in 2012, when things were quite bad apparently, she posted a lot of doodles instead of nail art. Doodling was a way of pain management for her. I find those doodles just as inspiring as regular nail art though. I can somewhat relate to what Laynie's going through, because my mom suffers from fibromyalgia too. Luckily, her's isn't as bad. Going through my inspiration folder I stumbled upon those doodles and decided to turn one of them into the inspiration for my fourth art inspired manicure.

You can find Laynie's original doodle here.

First of all, I sponged a yellow to white gradient onto my nails. The white part looked way to harsh without any further nail art, so I covered more and more with yellow to make it more soft looking - but with the black doodle on top, I can barely tell I used any white... Meh. No idea what polishes I used for this part! I'm guessing my go-to Color Club white, and unnamed yellow from beauty uk and OPI The IT-Color.

For the doodle, I used the black nail art pen from Born Pretty Store. It's my first time using it and I think it's okay. I wish the tip was a little finer. It smudges easily though and of course, I managed to smudge it while applying topcoat.

I didn't even notice that I did two consecutive manicures involving a lot of yellow until I sorted my pictures. And I don't even use yellow a lot... Something my unconscious mind wants to tell me!?

My final verdict: doodling is a lot harder than it seems!
And, thanks for reading, of course! ^^


  1. Oha...das ist mal was für mich. Ich glaube ich muß nochmal bei Dir mopsen, wenn Du gestattest. Bin gespannt, was dann bei mir rauskommt - falls was dabei rauskommt ;D.
    Tolles Nailart.

    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Natürlich sei dir das gestattet - hab ja selbst gemopst :P


    2. Ich habs schon ausprobiert. Da ich zu faul war, die Acrylfarben aus dem Schrank zu holen, allerdings mit einem Fineliner. Nicht ganz so filigran wie Deines, aber sah cool aus ;o).

    3. Aber auf dem Blog hab ich es noch nicht gesehen?
      Ich hab ja quasi auch einen Fineliner benutzt... diese Nailart-Stifte halt. Sehr ungewohntes Gefühl finde ich!

  2. That turned out fabulous! I really admire your steady hand, I don;t think I would have been able to do this on my own nails. And Laynie, she is one of my fav bloggers, such a sweetheart <3

    1. Thank you Cel! I'm glad you like it. Also, it makes me happy that someone else is following this talented girl!


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