Montag, 27. Januar 2014

TNCC - Inspired by Art - #3

Hi everyone,

so exactly one month ago my last post went online and I really thought I would be back to a more regular posting routine... but far from it! The same day we got bad news concerning my father's health and my thoughts obviously weren't centered around nail polish for a while. The week after, I got into an accident and was hurting badly for a while afterwards. Nothing serious happened, but with constant headache, I didn't feel like adding polish fumes to it. So I resorted to buying lots of polish instead. My pile of untrieds isn't high enough yet! ^^;

To find a way back into a more regular schedule, I'm going to start with the third installment of my art inspired manicures. Inspired by Art was the monthly theme of December for the Nail Challenge Collaborative in case you don't know/forgot.

Inspiration for this manicure is the painting "Hygeia" by Gustav Klimt.

Materials used:
- essence Tip Painter in Natural White (poured into a normal polish bottle)
- yellow and red acrylic paint

I tried my new acrylic paints for this mani, but I'm a bit disappointed in them. I bought them because they're supposed to be really opaque, but even without diluting them they're hardly as opaque as the ones I used before.

Thanks for reading!


  1. It's really beautiful - and I hope you soon get rid of those head aches, and i hope you have been thoroughly examined...

    1. I even got to ride in the ambulance - my first time! They checked my upper spine and head for injuries and didn't find any. I guess it's just hardened muscles causing those headaches. It's a lot better already though. Thanks for your concern! :)

  2. Ah, ich liebe Klimt ja... <3 Und ich finde die Umsetzung voll gut, das sieht dem Bild echt ähnlich.
    Zeigst du auch, welche neuen Lacke du gekauft hast? Das interessiert mich ja auch immer voll :D

    1. Wenn sie alle eingetrudelt sind kann ich sowas sicher mal machen. Noch sind sie unterwegs. Aber ich bin ja soooo gespannt! *Vorfreude*


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