Montag, 3. Februar 2014

TNCC - Inspired by a Tutorial #2 - Shooting Stars

Good morning ladies,

I'm continuing my 'back-into-blogging'-plan with my second manicure for the January prompt of the Nail Challenge Collaborative: Tutorials. This manicure just happened. It wasn't planned at all, but I liked them.

Originally, I only wanted to wear one of my new polishes, KBShimmer Turbulence, but something was lacking for me when I wore it. In the swatches I had seen, there was this gorgeous blueish and pink shimmer, but even though it's there, it's hiding most of the time. So I wanted to pimp it up a bit for the second day of wear. And that's where the tutorial kicks in.

After googling around a little bit, I settled with this tutorial for shooting stars. I followed these steps, but chose different polishes for each nail. It's still rather subdued, but a lot more fun than the base on it's own. Turbulence is more of an autumn color I think. Stormy november skies or something.

Materials used:
- KBShimmer Turbulence (base)
- Color Club Sparkle and Soar, Metamorphosis, Sky High, Wing Fling (stars)
- star-shaped rhinestones
- striping tape

What do you think?

Ah... I really want to change my layout... I'm starting to seriously hate it...


  1. Oooh, das sieht so cool aus! :D Vor allem, weil jeder Nagel eine andere Farbe hat...echt toll!

    1. Erst wollte ich nur Pink und Blau nehmen, aber irgendwie erschien mir das nicht bunt genug ^^; Freut mich, dass es dir so so bunt gefällt :D

  2. That's some very pretty shooting stars :)

  3. Mir gefällt's auch richtig gut :-) Das werde ich bestimmt mal ausprobieren!

  4. wundervolle Idee und super umgesetzt :)


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