Samstag, 10. November 2012

p2 - night out (Swatch)

Today, I'm back with a post from my ever-growing pile of swatch pictures (for now). If I feel like it, I might add some nail art related post later. But I really have to count those now... because... I broke a nail. So badly, that I'm not sure if I want to post new nail art aside from those for the fall challenge. It broke below the visible nail line and hurt like hell. At first, I tried to glue it back on (you might have spotted that in my dotticure from yesterday), but that wasn't as stable as I hoped. I'm glad I got to take my pictures... I'm left with five sets of nail art pictures (and a lot of swatches). I hope my nails decide to grow a little faster than usual now, that all the weight on my fingertips is gone ^^;

So for the time being, here's a swatch of p2 night out. It got discontinued when the new line-up was introduced, but I find it pretty enough to still write a post about it. It's one of those polishes that I kept staring at in the store, but never went ahead and just bought it. When I heard that it would be discontinued, I finally took it home with me.

A lot of people described night out as blue shade, but to me, this is a greyed purple. Greyed blurple at most. It's a nice and somewhat elegant shade, because it's not so in-your-face as a lot of other purples. I love those a lot though. But night out seems to be a nice fall shade. I wonder why they recently removed it from the line-up. I probably would have done so in spring... but in fall?

Application was really nice for this one. Two coats do the job and drying time was okay too. p2 used to be my favorite German drugstore brand. They had some awesome polishes and the formula was way better than the formula of any essence polish back then. I have no idea what happened, but p2 suddenly lost a lot of attraction. I know that I'm not the only one thinking that. Their polish line-up got boring, whereas the essence one got more and more attractive. When the formula of essence polishes got nice too, I kind of stopped looking at the p2 display.

Their new line-up seems promising. I hope they'll continue to sell interesting polishes as they did before.

Have you tried p2 polishes before? What do you think of the brand's polishes?

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Night out ist wirklich hübsch. Ich habe ihn auch noch schnell gekauft, als er ausgelistet wurde und bin echt froh darüber.

  2. I think you are right about the description - it's lovely!!

  3. hab ich auch :)
    ich mag da aber gerne noch irgendiwe glitter auf dem ringfinger oder sowas :)

  4. It's one of my favorite shades! I'd call it blurple as well ^^


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