Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

Fall into Autumn 10: Favorite Sweater

Today I want to continue with the Fall into Autumn challenge. I'm a little bit behind the schedule, but I'm going to catch up this week! Next on the schedule is a manicure inspired by my favorite sweater. I loved the idea when I read the schedule for the first time. But it proved to be a little difficult for me. My favorite sweaters are either single-colored or kind of christmas-y... snowflakes and stuff. And even though we had the first snow already, I still refuse to do snow manicures at this point!

But then I decided to base this manicure on a sweater that used to be my favorite sweater before my current favorites entered my wardrobe. It's a classic brown with a white and orange argyle pattern on one side of the front. I thought about painting the argyle pattern the way I did a manicure last year... but that ended up kind of wonky. Since my stamping worked okay for the last Fall into Autumn manicure, I decided to try again - especially because I own a plate with an argyle pattern!

The stamping is not the best and you can definitely see some progress when you compare the nails. I started with my pinky and finished with my thumb.

As my base color, I chose one of the first polishes I bought. I don't even remember why I needed a brown back then... it's not even a color I wear much. Not even now. Anyway, it's from the discontinued essence multi dimension line and is called Spicy. It seemed to be the closest to the color of my sweater. Spicy is a brown shimmer that tends to be a little bit streaky. Careful application solves that problem though.

On top of essence Spicy, I stamped the argyle pattern from fauxnad plate m60 with a white stamping polish. Afterwards, I picked a small nail art brush and some drops of p2 notice me! to fill in the argyle pattern. p2 notice me! really is my favorite orange creme! I filled in some white lines too, because the stamping was inconsistent, but overall, it looked quite nice. Looking at the pictures now... well, it enhances everything and it doesn't look as nice anymore ^^; Yeah, I'm picky... I finished the whole thing with a generous coat of essence BTGN Top Sealer and tried not to smudge it.

Wearing one of my current favorites. I love the white poofy things.

What do you think of my newest venture into stamping? The sweater I chose is nothing special. A nice staple and I still wouldn't want to miss it. Which is my problem. I actually have no idea where I put the sweater...


  1. At the first look I thought it is a water decal and after reading I realized that it is stamped, wow, it looks amazing!

  2. That's fabulous (I don't often use that word). I'm loving it

  3. it's a very beautiful design! I like it :)

  4. Great job on stamping and then filling it in, its perfectly done!

  5. They really are so classy and fabulous - very well done!

  6. You can see THE progress indeed! Great use of colours, love it.x

  7. It looks great! My favourite sweater is covered in snowflakes too, so I'm having the same problem. Hopefully I'll figure out something as gorgeous as this too =D

  8. Hey, dein Blog gefällt mir sehr, denn er ist wunderschön ! (: *-*
    Ich folge dir gleich einmal :) ! ♥

    Wenn du Lust & Zeit hast, dann schau doch mal bei meinem Blog vorbei, würde Luftsprünge machen, ist kein Witz ! :) ♥ :P :*

    Liebe Grüße von An :* ->

  9. Your two-toned argyle looks way more convincing than mine (I had the same idea for this challenge). adorable! I love it x :)

  10. Du präsentierst tolle Designs und ich konnte nicht anders, um Deinem Blog zu folgen. Tolle Ideen und vor allem super umgesetzt. Liebe Grüße

  11. Wunderschön! Die Farben passen super zueinander!

    Würde mich freuen, wenn du auch bei mir vorbeischaust =)

    Liebe Grüße,


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