Dienstag, 6. November 2012

From the Vault: Needle Marble

I still have a couple of (really) old manis in my picture folder and today, I thought, I'm going to remove one of them from the folder by finally posting it.

I'm not exactly proud of this manicure. It was an experiment that somehow failed, but still somehow worked. I did this mani sometime in July or August, I think. Back then, I had seen a couple of really pretty needle marble manis and after seeing a tutorial on youtube, I wanted to give it a try myself. Well, I chose a couple of colors from my untried stash, but I only remember one of the shades. The shade, I dislike the most in this mani.

Right hand. The better in this case.
The concept of needle marbling is pretty easy. Much easier than water marbling and so much less messy. Basically, you just apply your base color and let it dry. Then, you just apply little drops of the polishes you want to marble directly onto the nail and, using a fine brush or a needle, you start swirling them. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Left hand. Not so pretty.
I chose OPI Tickle my France-y as my base color. I find it a pretty nude color in the bottle. But it doesn't go with my skintone at all! Not sure what to do with this polish. The white is my usual Color Club white, but I don't remember the other two.

Hm, this marbling requires some practice, too, of course. But what troubled me the most was the different drying time of each of my marble polishes. That made it hard to marble in a pretty manner. I remember the violet to be quite runny. Once you touched the drop and started marbling, it would start flowing everywhere. On the other hand, the white dried really quickly.

So next time, I give this technique a try, I'll test the marbling characteristics of each polish. Just to make sure.

Have you tried this techniques? Do you have any tips?


  1. That's so gorgeous. It looks kind of like purple fire! I'm loving it

  2. I've just discovered your blog. You are so talented and I decided to follow you :) I hope you'll take a look to my blog :)

    1. Thank you for following! Of course, I'll take a look at your blog!

  3. Yes, I tried this technique and I was not satisfied so, I don't have any tips to add for you, sorry. I think the trick is to have an interesting color combination! I am curious of your next attempt! :)

  4. Awesome!! I love how you just did the tips!! :)

  5. Das ist Dir wirklich sehr gut gelungen. Ich habe es auch schon probiert, doch mein erster Versuch ist in einem 'dicke-Matschepampe-mit-Streifen-Desaster' geendet. Vielleicht war es einfach zu warm?

    Liebe Grüße,

  6. das ist ein sehr tolles nageldesign, respekt!


  7. das Nageldesign sieht wundervoll aus :)
    gefällt mir richtig gut, ich bin neidisch, weil du so etwas schönes hinbekommst :)

  8. OOoooh I want to try this technique too! I keep seeing it on Japanese nail mags and it looks very easy. I think you executed it beautifully, I don't consider this mani a failure at all.

  9. wahnsin, wie toll das geworden ist.-
    die farben hätte ich so niemals ausgewählt, aber doch sehen sie in der kombi echt megamäßig aus :)


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