Donnerstag, 8. November 2012

Butter London - The Black Knight


I hope everyone is doing fine! Today, I want to show a couple of pictures of my very first Butter London polish. I got it from a friend for my birthday back in July. She really surprised with her present! But I'm really happy about this polish! It took me a little while to wear it though. I think I finally wore it at the beginning of August, when I wanted to try yet another product: the new essence peel-off base coat. So, aside from pictures of Butter London The Black Knight, I also want to show you the results of my first experience with this base coat in combination with a glitter polish. As you may remember, I have already reviewed this base coat im combination with holographic polishes. If not, you can find the post here.

On to the pictures~

Butter London The Black Knight is a black jelly polish with loads of glitter thrown in. I can see fine blue, red and pink glitter, as well as silver and gold glitter in an even smaller size. I'm wearing three coats in my pictures. I think, I'm going to layer it over a black polish the next time... Drying time was not bad for three coats though.

I really love how sparkly it is. Since it is a black jelly, it looks quite soft and not as harsh as many other black polishes. It also doesn't cover up the glitter. It almost looks like it's enhancing the glitter. There's an amazing depth in this polish. Like galaxy nails in a single polish. I know why this polish was the one Butter London polish I really wanted to have! I have to admit though, that it is possible to create a dupe by layering a couple of polishes. If you search for it, I'm sure you can find the blog posts I'm remembering :P

And here's the result of my base coat+glitter test. As you can see, perfect peel-off. But honestly, that's the only time I got all of them off in one piece like that. I'm currently wearing another combo like that to verify something. We'll see if I was right :D


  1. toller lack. einen ähnlichen habe ihc mal von mac gesehen. is tmir aber beides etwas zu teuer :D

    ich habe dich getagged, schau doch mal vobei, vielleicht hast du ja lust, mitzumachen:

    liebe grüße und schönen abend dir noch!

    1. stimmt, es sind 4 :D ich habe dich aber auch ergänzt, weil 2 von denen, die ich getagged hatte, den tag schon mal erhalten haben :D da dachte ich, das wäre vielleicht doof und habe mich nach neuen blogs auf die suche gemacht :)


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