Dienstag, 20. März 2012

Girly-Girl Nail Art Challenge: Day 5, Gotta Love Chick Flicks!

So today is Tuesday again, which means girly-girl nail art time! I wasn't sure if I would like today's theme, because it's nail art inspired by your favourite chick flick. Hm. This isn't exactly the kind of movie I like to watch, so I actually had to search the internet for a little bit, until I found something inspiring me. But I found something!

Some of the few "chick flicks" I have watched are the Bridget Jones movies. And here I found my inspiration: Bridget's pyjamas! I know they are a bit christmas-y, but I didn't care very much... I like penguins! Even in spring!

This is the picture that insprired me. This time, I didn't exactly try to copy my inspiration. Only partly xD

I recently got a lot of old polishes from my mom. She's mostly a red person, so most were red polishes. Perfect, because I own even more yellows than reds! I chose one of the polishes I got from her: a classic red by the brand Jade (Maybelline). It was a little goopy, but nothing a few drops of thinner couldn't handle. What surprised me, though, was the smell! It smells almost as bad as Model's Own polishes. I don't think the polishes still smell like that...

The red polish dried really slowly. I painted all my nails on both hands, nail art an all and when I applied my top coat almost an hour later, I would still drag the red! Luckily, it doesn't show up very much.

The black and white are acrylic paint as usual. I originally planned to use my striping polishes, but I couldn't get the caps off as much as I tried (with freshly painted nails...). Oh well. The orange and blue for the penguins are polish though.

Well, since my top coat dragged the colors a little bit, the lines aren't as crisp anymore, but I still like how it turned out. It felt weird wearing red polish though. It still is a very unusual color for me, which is weird, because I wear red clothes a lot...

That's all the picture spam for today. I can't wait to see everybody else's nail art! Please take the time and check out their blogs!

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  1. How adorable! I love penguins =D

  2. Omg your penguins turned out amazing! They are so small yet still so detailed, I can't believe they are free-hand! Thanks for sharing, these challenges are so fun :)
    ~Amanda of berrypolished.com

  3. These are incredible! You did such a great job on these!

  4. These are so cute! Your penguins turned out absolutely perfect. I love it.

  5. Aaaiii, Pinguine :D.
    Sehr süß geworden :).
    Ich mag aber auch keinen roten Nagellack und deswegen hab ich auch nichtmal welchen.
    Ist einfach nicht so die Farbe, die ich auf Nägeln mag :p.

    Liebe Grüße, Jenny

  6. oh my!!! fantastic! i love the penguins!!!

  7. I love bridget jones! That totally looks like her PJ's, what a cool idea!! Great mani =)

  8. Wow!!! This mani is so freakin' cute! Love the penguins, awesome job!!!

  9. Matches her pajamas perfectly!

  10. OMG! It's adorable! You did an awesome job! I love it!

  11. Cute! This is one of my favourite movies.


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