Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Girly-Girl Nail Art Challenge: Day 3, Delicate and Elegant

Wow, it's already Day 3! Let's take a quick look on the Challenge Chart...

So, today's manicure is supposed to be delicate and elegant. I had a really hard time to decide... Delicate and elegant basically describes the kind of design I'm a lot into lately. There are a lot of pictures I have in my inspiration folder that fit this category, especially from Japanese nail art blogs. But somehow I even ended up starting over several times, because I didn't like it just halfway through. Well, I even ended up using pink after all, even though it was my plan not to. Haha.


For this mani I used essence Fall for me as my base color. It's a classic blue pastel that I bought right before it was discontinued and hadn't used until today. The rest of this manicure was painted using acrylic paint. I have to practice placing my dots. My right hand looks way better (but cuticles are even worse...). I thought I would try some one stroke flowers again, but sadly my acrylics hated me and refused to do what I intended. :D I still think it turned out okay though... It looks cute at least.

I'm not exactly looking forward to the next challenge... This one will actually be a challenge. I'm just not really into runway fashion... o.O"

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