Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

Girly-Girl Nail Art Challenge: Day 4, Inspired by the Runway

Today is Thursday, the second in our 4 week challenge. The theme for Day 4 is "Inspired by the Runway"... uuuh, difficult. I don't really follow fashion, yet alone fashion from the runway. If I follow a particular fashion, I would say I'm influenced by Japanese fashion, but nothing in the magazines really inspired me... So I thought, why not literally be inspired by the runway and I ended up browsing galleries with pictures from 2012 haute couture fashion shows. Definitely not really interesting to me...

Anyway, this is what I came up with:

I used Color Club Perfectly Mol-ten as my base color, but layered p2 blue horizon from the Deep Water Love LE on top to make it look more blueish. Blue horizon is really really sheer, so it was perfect to add a little bit of blue to the nice green foil of Perfectly Mol-ten.

Then, I decided to stamp a pattern - something I haven't done in ages. I really lack some stamping skills. Or I have to figure out how to work properly with my revell Email Colors, which I used to stamp. Hm, they are not meant for nail art, but for model making. They are very highly pigmented though. Stamping really works well with them, but they seem to dry a tad slower than your usual nail polish. Even though I waited 15 minutes until I applied top coat, I still smudged my stampings.

The light beige stamped really well. It's opaque! I don't own any beige nail polish that would be that opaque. Anyway, after top coat, I applied my rhinestones in red and aqua. Late at night I seem to have trouble with my geometric senses :D It's pretty bad on my right hand, which I didn't take pictures of... hehe.

I guess I have to show you a picture of my object of inspiration too:

This dress is from the Spring 2012 collection by Alexis Mabille, a French designer. I think his creations are quite wearable. I have to admit though, that I'm not surprised, that I like his designs. He seems to be popular in Japan... and here it comes full circle.

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  1. Wow!!! Great job- just like the picture!

  2. It looks just like the dress. My! You did a fabulous job!!!

    And in regards to your comment on my blog.. LOL. When I put a lot of work in a mani, it usually results in a messy station, so I take the pictures to show that "polishing nails isn't always a clean and easy job". Lol...

  3. wow that's a perfect portrayal of the design. nice job.

  4. You did such a good job! Really great.

    I agree that the dress seems really wearable but a little part of my brain went, "The bright blue face might be a problem though." ;)

    1. :D
      I totally agree. Or maybe it's the next trend in cosmetics. Didn't someone at Illamasqua just point out that people are afraid of bold make-up!? Hehe.

  5. Wow, your nails are stunning :) and that dress is beautiful, not sure about the hat though, haha :)

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous! So creative. x


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