Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012

Priti NYC - dazzler

Today, I want to show you my very first Priti NYC polish. So far I have rarely seen Priti NYC on blogs, but I think the shades this company has to offer are quite nice. For those of you who don't know Priti NYC, this is what they say about themselves:

Peace, Love & Satisfaction... Priti has many meanings in Sanskirt such as any pleasurable sensation, with love, out of satisfaction, affection, attraction, and happy. Women everywhere can now help keep our planet Priti- and look good while doing so...

Priti NYC is an organic skincare line that specializes in hand and feet products. Part of their products is a quite nice assortment of nail polish, that is cruelty-free and doesn't contain Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP.

Well, I have seen their products on various online shops, but the price was a bit high for my budget, so I never considered buying one. Right now, they are on sale at Zalando though, so I ordered myself a few, okay, 20. Zalando offers free shipping and returning, that's why I ordered so many. I kept only 4 of them. I would have kept more, but I limited myself to only 4.

Out of the 20 I ordered, the shade I want to show you today was the first I decided to keep. Honestly, there was not much deciding in this case. I saw it in the package and knew I would keep it. This particular shade is called dazzler. Fitting name, in my opinion. It did dazzle me into keeping it after all.

Anyway, here it is.

See the shimmer in the bottle? My pictures couldn't quite capture it, but it does translate to the nail. It looked so beautiful!

Priti NYC dazzler applies smoothly and dries quite fast. This is two coats plus topcoat, although it doesn't need the topcoat. I applied it to make my manicure last a day longer. The polish itself has a nice finish on its own. The brush is nice too. I'll take pictures of it when I wear the other 3 shades.

For me dazzler is actually an unusual shade, but lately, I'm slowly coming to like reds. This is no real red, more of a very reddish toned burnt orange. I don't have a shade like this in my collection yet, but I searched the internet for a few pictures of polishes that might be similar. I came across Color Club Feel the Beat. There's one in the essence color & go line that is similar, but doesn't have the pretty shimmer, that made this color so appealing to me...

This won't be the last Priti NYC shades I'll buy. The formula is nice and there are a few shades that I ordered and sent back, that still appeal to me. Plus, I saw some really nice swatches lately that made me want more of them.

If you haven't tried this brand yet, do it. From what I have heard, their former formula was bad, but they did a makeover and their current formula is just as nice as our other beloved brands'.


  1. Great colour! I love the bottle ^__^

  2. Der ist ja traumhaft schön. Und ganz ehrlich: ich liebe diese Marke.


  3. Gorgeous. From what I know, Priti is essentially just Diamond Cosmetics rebottled and sold for 10 dollars more.

  4. ich liebe die lacke von priti NYC und der hier ist auch sehr schööön :)


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