Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Misslyn Royal Desire

Today's turn is a layering combo that I looked really forward to wearing... but which failed me :(

After my post aber Misslyn Queen of Hearts, I actually went to the city to get its sister polish Royal Desire. Royal Desire is just as sheer as Queen of Hearts, but from swatches I had seen earlier, I already knew that it would show its beauty layered over another polish. I chose essence Hot Stuff from the discontinued Multi Dimension XXXL series. I had received this in a box of polishes I won at ebay and hadn't used it yet.

Well, Royal Desire really is a beauty, but I will choose a different polish next time. It looks nice over Hot Stuff, but what the hell was that!? I never ever had a polish bubble this badly on me! I didn't shake the bottle, didn't go over the same spot multiple times and still, bubbles galore! It ruined my whole mani.

I prepared this mani in the early evening hours and went to bed like 4-5 hours later and I still got sheet marks! Since I know that Queen of Hearts dried rather quickly, I'm blaming the essence polish here. :(

But well, aside from the bubbles and sheet marks, you can still see that Royal Desire is a nice shade released by Misslyn which is why I'm posting these pictures nevertheless. Royal Desire is a reddish pink shifting rose pink to orange. It definitely needs a matching polish underneath, since it is very sheer. I'm glad I got it and I will wear it again... in a different combination. Maybe I'll try black next time... :D

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  1. It is indeed a beautiful shade, somewhat a rusty pink. I believe nail polishes don't create bubbles because we shake them or whatsoever, from my own experience I think it has something to do either with the basecoat or nail polish we are using as base colour, with the formula of the nail polish or if the nail polish is really thick! I remember I had a nail polish that used to bubble on my nails until I found out the problem was the base coat I was wearing. As soon as I stopped using that basecoat it was all ok. I also had a nail polish that was almost at the end and it was already really thick... horrible, I got a layer of bubbles on my nails instead a layer of nail polish! And then I can talk about the nail polishes by KIKO, most of the cremes create those bubbles on my nails.... is the problem KIKO or me? I would really think it's KIKO because I have about 400 nail polishes and those are the only ones that make so many bubbles even when freshly bought. Be patient, you'll find the solution ;)


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