Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

MNY 673

Just a swatch today. I realized that I have a lot of polishes in my collection that I have yet to use for a whole manicure. So I'll try to only use those in the next weeks.

First is MNY 673. It's a black polish with silver flecks that looks really awesome in the bottle. The effect is way less prominent on the nails, but looking from the right angle, it is still clearly visible. This polish definitely needs a top coat or the flecks will not pop at all.

The silver flecks kind of look grey, not silver anymore. I still like it, because the flecks make the black look softer. I wish the silver was more visible though... but I don't know, MNY polishes sometimes tend to look totally awesome in the bottle and are way less awesome on the nail. This is not the only one...

Oh well. I don't know where I could buy MNY polishes from now on anyway. dm drugstore removed MNY from their range of products recently to make room for Catrice and essie.


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