Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

essence Colourbration & Confetteria

Hm, I'm a bit late with these... This trend edition is long gone from the stores, but I just recently stumbled upon them. I looked for ages. I don't know, but my city seemed to be the last to sell these polishes... and they were quickly gone too.

Anyway, I got myself three of the polishes. I swatched two of them so far and took a few pictures, that I want to show you today. I don't like my pictures though... ^^;

This is Colourbration. I knew I want this as soon as I saw the promotion pictures. It's a bright lime green with golden glass flecks, that make the polish very shiny. I really like it, even though I'll probably not wear it very often...

Second is Confetteria. It looks so beautiful in the bottle. Like a slightly different version of blue addicted. But honestly... I don't dig it. I wanted to remove it right after I took pictures. I didn't because my grandma came in and asked me to drive her to a friend's house, but I really hated this polish on my nails. Seriously. But I remember that I added Nubar 2010 on top when I came home, and I liked that combination. I just never took pictures. Hm.

Application was a bit tricky with both of them. They are a bit goopy, but it's managable. Both need at least two coats. Drying time was a bit slow though. I smudged my little finger's nail while taking pictures...

But the funny thing is, I don't know where I put these polishes. I wanted to use Colourbration for my Karneval's mani and couldn't find it anywhere in my stash. Neither Confetteria or the third polish I got from the collection. Weird, really weird... :(


  1. meine Freundin u. ich nennen den Grünen zärtlich : Drachenkotze! Bin schon 2-3x auf ihn angesprochen worden!


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