Dienstag, 19. November 2013

TNCC - Technique Month #1 - Galaxy Nails

Hi guys,

today, I want to show you the first manicure I intended to post for the The Nail Challenge Collaborative's September theme "techniques". I decided to try techniques that I never did before and the first thing I knew I had to try were galaxy nails. I never tried them. I know that they're not very hard to do, but you know, there are so many awesome galaxy manicures floating around the internet... and I seriously love looking at them. I didn't want to try and end up not liking mine... So I kept hesitating. But when this theme was decided, so were my first galaxy nails.

I wanted to start with an easy one, so I did not attempt to recreate real nebulae. (But those are awesome!) I'm happy with my first try and it will certainly not be the last.

It's intersting how different they look just depending on the light. They looked a little bit more awesome in real life, but my camera just couldn't capture the shimmer and the scattered holo bits.

I'm a little sad that I didn't manage to take pictures before going to work... pleae excuse the tip wear. And ignore my sad cuticles too, please. I had tears in my eyes while going through my pictures... o.o"

Materials used:
- p2 eternal
- p2 gigantic
- p2 trouble
- p2 flamboyant
- p2 attraction
- p2 elegant
- Manhattan 124
- Illamasqua Load
- KosmetikKosmo Polarlicht

Yeah, a lot of p2. I had just bought a huge batch of used ones for very little money...

Thanks for reading!


  1. sehr schön. Ist dir super gelungen und gefällt mir sogar. Wobei ich sonst nicht so auf Galaxy Nails stehe ;)

  2. Das ist aber mal so richtig schön geworden!!Echt toll!!!

  3. I love your glaxy mani - very beautiful!

  4. Genial! Ich bewunder dich dafür so! *.*

  5. Ja ja, mir geht es genau so... ich finde die immer so schön, habe mich aber noch nie selbst daran versucht und schiebe es ewig vor mir her... aber ernsthaft, ich finde deine so schön :) Alle Nägel sehen einfach hammer aus!


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