Donnerstag, 21. November 2013

From the Vault: H+M - Norwegian Sky (inspired by Maria)

Hi everyone,

as I didn't get around to work on the pictures of my purple TNCC manicures for the current month, here's another manicure from the vault.

The base for this manicure is H&M Norwegian Sky, a light blue with pink to blue duochrome shimmer. It looks a little minty on me though. The shimmer is quite obvious in the bottle, but it gets rather lost on the nail. The shimmer is probably at fault for the weird consistency of this polish. You have to be quite careful while applying this one. It's a pretty blue still.

Since the shimmer is taking a back seat here, I decided that the manicure needed something else and I decided on adding a couple of flowers inspired by Maria. While Maria's flowers look so flawless, mine look a bit forced, don't they? Haha. Well, gotta practice!

I totally forgot about the week with my glued broken tip, haha...

Materials used:
- H&M Norwegian Sky
- white, blue and green acrylic paint

Hm, I feel like wearing this again, but I feel the stares of aaaaall my untrieds...

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. They look just fine to me - I love everything about this mani - so pretty :)
    And I'm honored I inspired you :)

  2. They don't look forced at all, gorgeous job! :)

  3. Hey! :) Hast du lust bei meinem Aventsgewinnspiel mitzumachen? Zu gewinnen gibt es 3 Treaclemoon Produkte.

    HIER gehts zum Gewinnspiel ♥


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