Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

Misslyn - Dark Seduction (Swatch)

Hello everyone,

today I want to show you a quick swatch of one of my newer polishes. I never intended to buy it from just the promo pictures, but seeing it in store, this and one more polish ended up coming with me to the cashier. Today's polish is by Misslyn and has both the number 211 and the name Dark Seduction. It belongs to their current trend edition "hot glam".

Dark Seduction was not my first pick from the collection, but I think I like it the best out of the three I bought altogether. It's a dark red jelly base filled with tiny black and golden glitter. Due to the jelly qualities, the golden glitter turns to different shades of pink depending on how deep it is 'buried' in the layers of polish. I like that. Well, I like jellies... + glitter in them = love.

I'm wearing two coats without topcoat here and looking at my pictures, it could definitely use a third to make it more opaque.. In real life, it didn't look patchy around the cuticle at all and due to all the glitter there was no visible nail line either. Drying time was average, removal rather easy for a glitter. At least on me.

I'll definitely wear this again. It's a red and I like it which is rarely the case!

Thank you for reading!


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