Freitag, 11. April 2014

From the Vault: Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles

Hi everyone,

I finally found the polish I used as the base for the nail art I want to show you today. I guess that's the downside to my reorganizing... I don't find what I'm looking for quite often.

Without much further ado, this is a manicure I created pretty much right after returning from my last vacation in Japan. I used one of the polishes I bought in Japan, tried to use a technique new to me and tried to find out if Japanese newspaper works better than German newspaper for the transfer technique. Don't ask me why I combined those techniques. It doesn't make much sense to me anymore...

I'm sorry for the crappy cellphone pictures. I didn't notice my daylight bulb and my camera don't like each other too much until I had removed the manicure.

The base for this manicure is actually a polish from one of Japan's many 100 yen stores. (100 yen ~ 1 $ ~ 0,75 €) There are silimar stores in Germany, but quality-wise there's a huge difference. I love 100 yen stores! The polish here is Salon Nail Enamel #17 and I think I have seen this particular "brand" at different 100 yen store chains. I bought mine in Kyoto in some store on Kawaramachi street. I remember that I had a hard time deciding which shades to buy, because the colors were all quite pretty. I could have gotten more, of course, but you want to test the quality before carrying home lots of bad polishes, right? Next time, I'm getting more of these. They're awesome. Especially for a brand this cheap!

So I tried the newspaper transfer technique again... I tried using a Japanese newspaper (I got that one at the hotel we stayed at when we got stranded in Kochi because of a taifun), but by the time we got back to Germany it might have been to old after all. The ink didn't transfer very well anymore.

The other technique I used to create the bubbles with worked much better, but it's very time consuming. But... I have sooo many ideas for this technique!

I finished the whole thing with a generous coat of my DIY-Fairy Dust topcoat. Sparkles on bubbles = love.

Lastly, a couple of pictures of the base on its own!

I'm not wearing topcoat on any of those pictures! Doesn't it look pretty?! The brush is really nice, coverage and drying time were quite impressive too. There are a couple of brands out there that could learn from Salon Nail.

What do you think about this manicure? Do you have any experience with Japanese nail polishes?

Thanks for reading~


  1. Oh, this is so dreamy and delicate - very beautiful!

  2. I love the newspaper transfer technique, it is quite easy to do and it makes a great final effect. Great mani!


  3. Finden Sie Ihre Bilder, wir können sagen, dass Sie wie die Farbe blau. Aber es ist sehr schön und Sie sind sehr kreativ. Ich vermute, dass es Sie Stunden dauerte um ihn zu verwirklichen. Aber auf jeden Fall ist das Ergebnis sehr schön. Einmal versuchte ich, aber ich kämpfte, Lack mit der linken Hand zu setzen und das Ergebnis ist bei weitem nicht so.

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  4. Tolles blau und das nailart ist super geworden :) Da bekomm ich doch glatt Lust es selber mal wieder bubbeln zu lassen :D


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