Montag, 2. September 2013

TNCC - Around the World #3 - Arabian Night

Minna-san, konban wa!

I arrived in Japan after a very long trip... 55 hours of staying awake are really not a lot of fun. I'm getting too old for that. ;__; But here I am in my hostel with working (!) wifi and I want to show you my overdue manicure for the third installment of "Around the World".

I knew I wanted to do something arabian, but even though I tried a couple of times, my original idea just didn't work. This manicure here was not planned. I basically only did it because I didn't want to take of my polish at the time yet. I saw a picture of someone else doing a manicure like this, found it very pretty and decided that this was going to be my third mani.

So the base of this one is Barry M Blue Grape with 2 coats of Max Factor Fantasy Fire on top. These two are from my recent trip to London where I barely bought polish, because I had to keep my money together for my trip to Japan (^.^). But since this combo is sooo pretty after all, you can probably understand that I didn't want to remove it after just one day. So I grapped Zoya Faye and Misslyn Las Vegas and did a gradient. On top I painted the skyline using black acrylic paint. Some highlights with Las Vegas and then I added topcoat - done.

What do you think?

I'm really happy that even on my third day here in Japan, I have not bought any polish yet! But I admit that I was close... I'll do my shopping after travelling. So looking forward to that~~

*And sorry that I'm only using English this time...*


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, so mysterious and beautiful!

  2. Antworten
    1. I was nominated for the Liebster award and as your blog is one of my favourite nail blogs I delegate this award to your wonderful blog!

  3. Ohhh amazing!
    - ich gehe für 1Jahr in den USA auf eine high school <3

  4. Das sieht superschick aus, du musst sehr ruhige Hände haben:)

  5. Das sieht total hübsch aus :) Super gemacht. Ich bewundere dich um deine ruhige Hand

  6. Oh how cool that you are in Japan! I am going next April :-) I look forward to it so much. Love the mani!

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