Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

Spring Challenge 7: Glitter Tips

So I finally got around to write a new blog post... I don't know where time is running of to lately... I never would have guessed that taking care of six bunny babies would be this exhausting. We are doing it for about two and a half weeks now. Which means, two and a half weeks of planning every day around the bunny babies feeding schedule. I still got my job to do as well, so as much as I love doing nail art, I just couldn't find enough time. So today's manicure is actually from April 30. That's when I felt like spending time on nail art the last time...

And yet, it's not even real nail art, in my opinion. I just layered polishes. This kind of mani works well with the feedings, because I could just pause inbetween.

Anyway, I had a lot of ideas for this one and actually did another one before it. I'm going to show it at the bottom of this post. I'm just not really proud of it, haha. For some reason, thinking of "glitter tips" made me think about candy too, so I decided to do something pink and glittery. Also, I decided to take "tips" as my whole nails, not just the tips of my nails. It was just easier that way.

indirect daylight
direct sunlight

The materials I used include
- essie Marshmallow, 2 coats
- Canmake 05, 1 coat
- essence Candy Kiss, 1 coat on half of each nails
- essence Space Queen, 1 coat on top of Candy Kiss
- BW Anc 591C, 2 coats on the tips only
- Kleancolor Aurora, 1 coat

I finally used Aurora... I had it on my desk for a while now and always wanted to use it, but I never did... I love the little stars in there. I just wish they were a bit more flat. If you enlarge the pictures, you can tell that they are bent... My beloved essence BTGN Top Sealer took care of that, but still, I think it would look even better. Also, I noticed that my favorite glitters tend to be Japanese polishes. I only used two for this mani, but I was pondering to use another Japanese one instead of Space Queen. I have been neglecting the latter though.

It was very sparcle-licious! I felt like sprung right out of a princess movie for little girls. The whole mani was incredibly thick on my tips and due to that reason, didn't last very long. It didn't chip or anything, but the tip wear was just very visible, if you know what I mean. You could even tell the layers apart. I found that funny though.

And finally, my first attempt on the glitter tips. I decided to re-do the theme because it's just not meant for spring. I loved the look, but the colors are too dark. I only wore it for a day. And those glitters were a pain to remove! The princess mani was nothing compared to this beast, even though there was twice the amount of glitters to remove.

For this one, I used p2 rich, mattified it and then applied the glitter, OPI Sparcle-licious, on the tips. I tried to do a drip mani here. I'm glad I took pictures right after finishing it. When it was completely dry, it looked only half as good!


  1. Vor allem das erste Design ist super <3

  2. I LOVE the princess mani! SO sparkly and pretty. I want this on my nails!

  3. Your final design reminds me of french design known as "とろーりフレンチ (creamy (?) french)" in Japan. It was not in my taste so much, but now I really feel I should try!


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