Dienstag, 20. September 2011

Nubar - Mali Blue + 2010

After my first real glitter sandwich, I also had to try Nubar 2010! My friend brought this polish back from her trip to the USA, too. I love her for bringing it! In the mean time, I acquired Nubar - Mali Blue on ebay for little money and decided that I want to see these two polishes combined.

I forgot to take pictures of Mali Blue without 2010 on top of it. I really like the color. Really summery blue.

Excuse the non-existant clean-up. I took this right after applying the polishes :)

2010 is kind of bright on top of Mali-Blue. I don't really like the combination. It looks okay on the pictures, but I just couldn't get myself to like it while wearing... No combination I'm going to do again.

Also, my favorit top coat essence BTGN Top Sealer failed me here. I think it doesn't like to be put over Nubar polishes. You can see here that there is some weird texture that is not caused by my impatience this time! This happened again, when I used 2010 for the second time, so it's either 2010 or the combination with my top coat... :(

What do you think of the combination Mali-Blue + 2010?


  1. It looks great together! Maybe you would like the flakies better over a different color like black or red?

  2. Danke für dein kommi^^
    Stimmt, duschen probier ich auch mal aus, wenn ich mir kürzere tips designt habe :D
    Ich hatte die bei ebay gekauft, aus dem shop born_pretty. die haben ja auch so eine internetseite, aber bei ebay gibts die sachen noch günstiger ;)

    Liebste Grüße <3


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