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Girly-Girl Nail Art Challenge: Day 6, Who Inspires You?

Good morning from Sweden everybody! I'm a bit late with Day 6 of our Girly Girl Challenge, but since I have some time being the first awake, I thought I'll just write my blogpost. =)
Okay, so the theme of Day 6 is your female role model and creating a nail design in their honor. Most of the bloggers doing this challenge chose their mom and I understand why. I'll have to choose her too, if I want to do a manicure in honor of the person who inspires me the most.

But I'm going to honor another person with my manicure. She's not a role model of mine, but I think she does some amazing nail art. She inspired me with a wonderful manicure that I fell totally in love with. Since it also shows this antique-loving side of my mom, I decided to recreate it. I'm talking about this manicure by Robin Moses. I'm following her blog, always amazed by her freehand nail art, but I seldom feel the urge to recreate a design. I just know I can't do it xD But this time! This time I'd challenge the task!

Robin's video explains really well what you have to do and it didn't seem so hard. So I gave it a try after I had all my "ingredients" together. Hah, easy you wish... My hands hated me for this manicure! But take look first.

It was basically all about creating this antique looking background first. I had to mix myself a color. My hands looked like they were dead with just that color on. I'll remember that for Halloween! Then afterwards, you'd transfer the newspaper. This is actually the first time the newspaper transfered! I was so thrilled about that, haha. Then you are supposed to enhance the antique look by adding really watered down acrylic paint at the side of the nails. And this is where my stuff wouldn't work like Robin's. My cuticles were so flooded with dark brown acrylic paint, just horrible.

Then, using more acrylic paint, you do the flower part. My hand is not as steady as Robin's and my placement of the flowers isn't as neat too, but I still really liked how it turned out. I actually liked it so much, that I didn't change it for a whole weak. I got a lot of people asking whether these are my natural nails or fake ones. They looked a bit fake indeed. So many layers of polish and stuff, several coats of a really glossy top coat to seal it really well... yeah, I suppose it looked like fake nails.

The clean up for this manicure really destroyed my hands though. This is one more reason why I didn't take it off until after a week later.

So those are my nails inspired by Robin Moses in honor of my mom, who is still supporting me a lot these days. She isn't fond of my nail polish addiction and is one of those constantly teasing me about it, but I can usually overlook that. She's there for me when I need her the most and I really love her for being who she is with all her crazy ambitions that make people shake their heads.

Okay, I hope I'll have enough time to create my manicure for Day 7 in time. I'll be back from Sweden by then.

Ah, and one more question. Do I need Make Up Store's "Greta"!? It's the silver holo. I'm not sure if I really want to spend 120SEK on a single polish... does anybody among you have it? What's your opinion?

That's it! Have a great day!

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20 Kommentare:

  1. You did an amazing job with this one!!!

  2. die Blume und alles sind sehr gut geworden <3 hammer!
    nur ich persönlich für mich find es ein wenig dunkel ;)
    Aber trotzdem sehr schön ^^

  3. Wow, tolles Naildesign!
    Hat so einen Nostalgiecharme, der mir wirklich gut gefällt :)

  4. I think these area fantastic! Great job!

  5. Wow, das muss ich nachmachen :)

    1. Haha, ich habe es schon lange auf der Nachmachliste x)

      Ich finde es sehr gelungen!

  6. This is stunning and so very pretty! Very inspiring!

  7. These look exactly like the tutorial! They're amazing.

  8. Holy cow those are fantastic!! Great job!

  9. All I can say is WOW! This is so stunning!

  10. Huhu, hab dich getaggt...würd mich freuen wenn du mitmachen würdest


  11. This is so stunningly gorgeous! You did such a wonderful job =)

  12. Sieht wunderschön aus :) Achja du hast bei mir doch etwas gewonnen -_- ich habe dich nicht vergessen du bekommst die Sachen noch. Habe momentan nur sehr viel stress. Bekommst auch zwei Trost geschenke weil du so ewig warten musst ;( ich hoffe du bist nicht böse.

    I nominated you for a blogger award.

  14. oh wow, das sieht total toll aus!


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